Position of Barbados in the Lesser Antillies

Position of Barbados in the Lesser Antillies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This short post serves to welcome all readers who happen to find this blog and inform them that it is now open for business.  I hope that you will find the ideas expressed here interesting or provocative and that some of you will respond accordingly.

I believe that work is worship and that each one of us must commit himself or herself to something bigger than oneself in this life.  Service to humanity is paramount.  In view of this perspective I have dedicated my life to the development of the youth in Barbados.  During my tenure as an educator and Principal of The Lodge School, a secondary school that is more than 268 years old, I was given the opportunity to shape many of the young lives I interacted with on a daily basis.   For that privilege, I am truly grateful.  We must teach our students how to think critically, make informed decisions, solve problems  and develop positive value systems.  Gaining certification is not the only end of a genuine education.  We must produce good citizens.

In this blog we will look at education, philosophy, spirituality, leadership, management, self-actualization and any social actions that will allow us to improve and develop our societies in the Caribbean and the wider world.


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