Grace Under Pressure


One of the greatest assets a school administrator can possess is the ability to remain poised and calm at all times; even in the midst of the most difficult and unsettling situations.  This allows him to think analytically while others around him are unbalanced, upset and losing their composure under pressure.

In urgent and emotionally charged situations such an administrator will continue to make sound decisions and solve problems effectively because his thinking remains clear and unfettered by the confusion of the moment.  He never loses his temper.

This poise and confidence has a calming effect on everyone around and enables the administrator to control, quietly and firmly, any crisis that arises.  In addition, it disconcerts and discourages those who may be trying to be difficult.  They find it impossible to get under his skin, so they give up.

This calm, unflustered and self-assured demeanour emanating from the administrator has a positive effect on the culture of the school and intensifies the level of respect shown to him by the staff, students, parents and community.  He becomes a model whose attitude is emulated by many.


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