Adair’s Leadership Functions

” Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. ”  – Warren Bennis.

The various components of John Adair’s leadership model support each other very well.  He believed that the three elements of Action-Centred Leadership were facilitated by the eight actions below, which he deemed to be Leadership Functions.  This entire structure leads to organizational success.


1.   Planning:

Leaders must engage in thorough planning and preparation beforehand.  This includes contingency planning, and attention must be given to timescales.

2.  Defining the task: 

The leader does this by sharing his vision with the team and setting SMART goals and objectives for everyone.  SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-related.

3.  Briefing:

Regular team briefings by the leader keep the team and individuals on track, enhance purpose, teamwork and motivation.  They conduce to successful task completion.

4.  Controlling:  

The leader must create good monitoring and control structures to ensure good results.  This speaks to the maintenance of high performance standards.  Leaders must also exhibit self-control and do everything in their power to extract maximum results from minimum resources.

5.  Evaluating:  

The leader has to evaluate team and individual performance at every stage of the process.  He or she must make mid-course corrections to the process, and provide mentoring and training where necessary.

6:  Motivating:

John Adair said a lot about motivation.  He lists eight rules for motivating people in his book Effective Motivation ( Guildford: Talbot Adair Press, 1987 ).  We will look at these rules in another post.

7.  Setting an example:

Good leaders always lead by example.  This speaks to credibility and trust.

8.  Organizing:

Effective leaders always organize themselves, their teams and individuals in a manner designed to achieve the task.  Time management and appropriate delegation feature prominently here.

John Adair’s leadership model, complemented by his list of Leadership Functions, is a simple and very effective leadership tool which is still widely used today in all sorts of organizations, including commercial enterprises and public educational institutions.  It has proved its effectiveness.



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